Belcher's Facebook posts indicate problems on field but happiness at home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jovan Belcher's final words on Facebook came Thursday when he posted, "Momma always said, boy count your blessings."

The Chiefs linebacker, who was big on the field, shared only a few words on social media with his family, friends and fans.  

On Nov. 12, the Chiefs lost to Pittsburg in overtime in the nationally televised Monday night game. The next day, Belcher wrote, "When it rains, it pours." One person followed up by saying, "We love you brother."

Other recent posts showed his love for his new daughter. On Nov. 16, his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins posted a photo of their daughter. It is a picture the proud father "likes".

Another picture earlier this month, Belcher said, "Miss my little girl" and calling her his better half.

But earlier this month there were indications of some kind of personal trouble. Belcher posted a comment, "You (expletive) with the right one." 

Friends weighed in. One person asked, "You okay over there buddy?"

Another post from someone indicating they are a relative said, "Whatever your going through stay focused and keep a level head but one thing take your personal business aka home life off of Facebook."

One photo shows Belcher holding off his daughter shortly after her birth in September. It was posted by Perkins. She stated, "My loves."

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