Blue Springs family celebrates first Christmas together

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - All six members of the Beighley-Beck family woke up early on Christmas morning, and like many families, turned on 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" and unwrapped their presents. But for them, it's just the beginning of a holiday tradition.

"I couldn't believe it," said 15-year-old Anthony Beighley-Beck. "We never got that (many) presents. I was so happy!"

The past year has been full of changes for Anthony. In January he and his siblings, 5-year-old Christian and 4-year-old Trinity, moved into a new home with new parents, partners Joe Beck and David Beighley of Blue Springs, Mo.

At the time, Beck and Beighley had just adopted 13-year-old Felix. Then just last month, they all officially became a family.

"We look different in a lot of ways than other families, but we're really kind of a pretty typical, normal boring family," Beck said.

Now they're doing all that "normal" and "boring" family stuff together, much of it for the first time.

Just like their kids, Joe and David were dreaming of a Christmas like this for quite some time. They'd been working to adopt for more than two years.

"The first Christmas, you've always got to do it the best. So we went a little overboard and then Santa added to it this year," Beck joked.

Even though all four kids collected quite a pile of presents, they said the best gifts are their new parents.

"I have somebody that takes care of me, that loves me," Anthony said.

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