Bobcat attack caught on camera in Shawnee

SHAWNEE, Kan. - A video shows a bobcat in action in Shawnee.

The wild cat went after its prey right next to a community swimming pool, near Blackfish Parkway and Pflumm.

The video shocked Melissa Reed who has two young kids.

“We go on walks and I go running a lot in this neighborhood, right down that same street, all the time,” explained Reed.

It was concerning to the mom, even with her dog at her side.

Reed added, “[But the bobcat is] a lot faster and much more muscular. It looked like it was going for that rabbit a lot quicker so definitely could do some damage to a pet.”

According to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, the Bobcat is among the most secretive furbearers in the state, so that’s why spotting one can be so rare.

The cat in action even surprised Stephen Painter, who catches wildlife for a living.

“No, I've never seen that before, it's actually, it was very cool. A lot of people don't' get to see that, it's very cool to see that. It's like the Discovery Channel right there in Shawnee,” said Painter of Catch-It Wildlife and Pest Control.

Painter says Bobcats are common in Johnson County. However, he doesn't get calls about them very often.

“1-3 maybe. A lot of times it's people that have guinea fowl and chickens, that's about it, we don't get a lot of calls,” explained Painter.

Bobcats rarely attack people. Wildlife organizations recommend leaving small pets inside or on a leash.

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