Body shop cleans up after weather causes accidents

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The cold weather laid a thin blanket of ice on Kansas City's roads Monday morning. The dangerous conditions deceived hundreds of commuters.
The car accidents got so bad that at one point, the Missouri Highway Patrol had to shut down 71 Highway for a while.
Cheyann Spencer was one of those drivers who spent Monday afternoon in the collision repair shop. She knew she was in trouble when she couldn't stop her car.

Spencer said she immediately started to cry.
"It was scary because I kind of went into the other lane," Spencer said.

Collision shops said since Thursday's first-of-the-year snowfall, they have seen their busiest days of the year.

Craig Chambers, owner of Chambers Bros. Collision Repair, knew his back lot was about to get full. He has dozens of crushed cars ready for repair.

The Grandview collision repairman knows after 30 years of business, a light snow is the most problematic for drivers. People stay home when there is a lot of snow on the ground. But when a driver can see still see the pavement, people are deceived into thinking it's safe, Chambers said.

"There's a lot of cars towed in at that time," he added

On Sunday alone, the Missouri Highway Patrol took 288 calls for service.
Most of them were fender benders but even when there is hardly any evidence of damage, Chambers said repairs can be pricey.
"Everything is expensive with the price of parts, materials, involved . Average repair is $2,400," he said.

Cheyann's damage was $3,900 but her mother said all she cares about is that her daughter's safe.

"There's so much more that could have happened," Robin Spencer said looking at her daughter with a smile.

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