VIDEO: Brookside woman told to clean her sandy yard or face jail time

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A local woman has been given 10 days to clean her yard or she could face jail time. 

Georgianna Reid has lived in her Brookside home for more than 33 years. Her yard has been covered with sand for the past three years.  

Reid claims she has tried to clean up the yard before. "I called the city, I asked permission, not once but twice," said Reid. 

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Reid now has no other choice than to clean her yard. She received a letter from the city that said she has 10 days to remove the sand from her yard or she will face up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. 

"A thousand dollar fine or a 180 days in jail," said Reid, "I have one parking ticket." 

Reid is currently very sick and doctors predict she only has about six months left to live. Reid's friends fear that if she goes to jail, she will die there. 

It's not just about Reid's yard. The recent rainstorms have cultivated weeds and caused sand to spill on to the public sidewalk, giving her neighbors other reasons to complain. 

"I think the house looks revolting with all that stuff out there. It's not a beachfront," stated neighbor Edwin Bisby. 

However, Reid felt the sand wasn't a problem. "I loved it, I had no problems until they started stealing my yard decorations," said Reid. 

Reid hired a crew to clean up yard before, but the weather always prevented the crew from completing the job. 

Although she will miss her sandy yard, Reid says that she will comply with the letter and have the sand removed in time. 

"I will take the sand out of the yard, but I'm going to an asphalt yard because I'm still not gonna mow," stated Reid. 


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