Business cashes in while another freezes from winter storm

Snow brings major profits and deep freeze

KANSAS CITY - The weekend storm snow storm brought in four inches of snow to some parts of Kansas City, but it also brought in some major profits for food delivery businesses.

It brought a lot of work to car dealers like George O’Sullivan who works at Thoroughbred Ford, but it wasn’t from selling cars. He and the other dealers had to scrape snow off of the 1300 cars at the dealership’s lot.  

“You're not going to sell anything if people can't see them,” he said.

Car sales are down compared to last year and manufacturers blame the cold.

“Winter months are always slower than the summer months,” O’Sullivan said.

As of Monday afternoon, the dealership had only sold three cars. O’Sullivan hadn’t sold any. 

“There’s still a lot of daytime left,” he said.

For Chris Metcalf, a pizza delivery man at Minsky's Pizza, there aren’t enough hours in the day.

“In some of this weather it just gets insanely busy,” Metcalf said.

He helped delivered hundreds of pizzas during this weekend’s storm. He doesn’t let the snow get in the way of his deliveries or his customers.

“Maybe they're having a rough day," Metcalf said, “and they're like wow pizza guy and they don't even know he just cheered me up."

O’Sullivan also found a silver lining, despite the freeze.

“If anybody comes in to look for a car they need a car and so they're here to buy a car,” he said, “so that’s a good thing.”

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