Business reconsiders safety standards after AT&T tech fatally attacked on the job

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - North Kansas City Electric is reconsidering its safety standards for overnight workers after an AT&T technician was killed on the job. 

Kevin Mashburn was found severely beaten early Wednesday morning while working his overnight shift. He was rushed to hospital where he later died.

The homicide has NKC Electric president Michael Quarles scrutinizing his safety regulations for his 25 employees.

He said in nearly 30 years of experience, he has not had to deal with a single attack and therefore never implemented any formal safety standards. But after Wednesday's homicide, he wants to take every precaution.

"We're going to establish new guidelines as to if you see or feel any danger, do not stop, and we will get a second person out there," Quarles said.

NKC Electric employee Terry Hamilton said he checks in with his dispatcher when he arrives at a call and when he leaves a call because safety, even more than customer satisfaction, is his number one priority.

"You want to help the customer, but I'm not going to do them any good if I get hurt," Hamilton said.

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