Business taking a hit from Kansas City highway shootings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More drivers are using the Grandview Triangle as their route, despite reports of at least seven random shootings in the area.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, around 5,000 more drivers passed through the Triangle every day since the shootings were announced by Kansas City police.

Despite the numbers, businesses around the highways say they’re struggling.

"We pray that they get this guy soon,” Onesmus Bosire said, who manages the Complete Auto Center on Hickman Mills Drive.

Business has been especially slow during the past week; he blames the shop’s location, less than a mile from the Grandview Triangle.

Drivers like Pat Turner said they’re using alternative routes.

“I’m just the word ‘cautious,’” she said.

Bosire is one of two mechanics left at the shop, three others have been told to only come in when business picks up.

The mechanic said he’s even driven around the area to see whether business is a slow for other mechanics in the area.

“They are pretty much as slow as we are,” he said, “because when you pass and you see people sitting and there are no cars out there, then you know it’s tough for all of us.”

Police have received more than 100 tips regarding the highway shootings since news broke on April 8. 

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