Cats saved from hoarder to be up for adoption

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - About 70 cats saved from a Missouri animal hoarder are almost ready to be put up for adoption.

More than 150 cats were taken from a Kansas City home in August, but only about half survived.

The 73 surviving cats are days away from being put up for adoption.

A majority of them are very friendly and playful, but about one third of the survivors are not suitable for home pets.

"We have found some improved barn homes, places where they can get all the care that they need, shelter, food, water, things like that. And they'll be able to live out their lives but they just won't be home cats, you know, lap cats," said Heather Clenin with Kansas City Pet Project.

Spay and Neuter Kansas City says they will have an adoption event in the next two weeks to help find a home for all these cats but a specific date has not been set.

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