Cheap, easy fix to your BIG water bill

Kansas City, Mo. - Is your toilet running? You better catch the problem before it runs up your water bill. The so-called ‘silent leak’ can easily double or triple your bill.

“A leaking toilet can cost a home owner up to 10,000 gallons per year,” said Jennifer Kincaid of Kansas City, Missouri Water Services.

Melinda Ivy spent months watching her water bill creep up before her December bill was too much to ignore.

“I usually spend $40 to $50 a month on water it was over $100.”

As Jasen Hamilton inspects the tank of a toilet in an Overland Park home, he isn’t surprised by the high bills. “People are shocked that they are able to lose that amount of water through their toilet.”

Hamilton said half of his ‘leak’ service calls for Bob Hamilton Plumbing end up involving a leaking toilet. To test for a leak, he dropped a bright blue dye tab into the back of the tank, does not flush, and waits. This time no blue seeps into the toilet bowl. This toilet doesn’t seem to have a leak.

Kincaid said one way that Kansas City Water Services keep tabs on the problem are with dye tabs. They give away more than ten a day to people wanting to test whether they are flushing money down the drain.

The fix could be as cheap and easy as a toilet repair kit that can be purchased for around $10.00 at a local hardware store. That’s what Melinda Ivy did. Her next water bill was cut almost in half from more than $100 to $54.

Want to test your toilet? Try food coloring or the water department will give you a dye tab for free.

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