Chiefs so red hot, apparel suppliers running out of red

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Chiefs have been so red hot that merchandise is flying off the shelves this season, but some suppliers have run out of the color red.

The amount of gear available at the Rally House has doubled since last year.  At least two brands may not be able to make red shirts for the season because they've run out.

It's no wonder that's the case around here. The Chiefs are all people are talking about.

On 810 Sports Radio's postgame call-in show hosted by 41 Action News' Jack Harry, fans are all fired up.

One fan called in and said, "They're 9-0. Four out of the last five callers talked about how horrible they played but they won by 10 on the road; that's not a bad thing."

Another added, "The Chiefs are 9 and 0, and none of us would have thought this would happen, and it's beyond our wildest dreams and it's all great."

But will the Chiefs-merchandise sales momentum slow? Don't count on it.

"We've definitely been afraid that everyone's got their stuff, but it seems like there's more and more fans every week to fill in the gap," said Dirk Liebert, manager of the Rally House store on the Plaza.

Demand is expected to pick up even more for winter apparel that will be required for the team's next home game in December.

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