Chiefs help KC church cash in

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Destiny Life Center ministries has been around for 17 years, but they say their home over the last five years was destiny too. "God blessed us to be here," Pastor Cynthia Kivett said.

The small church sits on eight acres directly across the street from Arrowhead Stadium. A winning year for the Kansas City Chiefs is a winning year for them too.  

"When the money comes in? Yes!" Kivett laughed.

When the Chiefs are losing, Kivett says they will still park about 175 cars. When the Chiefs took on the Raiders Sunday, they easily parked more than 300 cars.

That $15 per car goes to help fill their food and clothing pantry, send kids to camp, even rehabilitate drug and alcohol addicts.

"We don't have people with a lot of income that's coming here and so our tithes and our offerings are not always high," Kivett said. "This revenue is a big part of Destiny. God has blessed us to be here."

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