Christmas Eve traditions light up the night

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - - Several churches across the metro held their Christmas Eve Services Monday night. Just one annual tradition many families take part in in Kansas City.

One Christmas Eve tradition takes place on the roof on the Intercontinental Hotel. More than 200 gathered for Mercy Church's service.
"We thought about Union Station. What would be cool? And somebody said the Plaza. Where else would you want to be on Christmas Eve then the Plaza?" said Pastor Timmy Gibson.
Mercy Church started holding Christmas Eve services here three years ago.
The crowd is another sight that you don't normally see.
"We have Catholics, Baptists, we have Methodists, we have Lutherans, We have Presbyterians, we have everybody," Gibson said.
Another tradition had dozens of residents spend part of their day creating 400 luminaries in a tradition that dates back 33 years in the Kansas City's Valentine Neighborhood. Bob Magaha helped start the tradition.
"It's a Mexican tradition that the Mexicans started by putting the bags out so Mary and Joseph could find their way down the street," Magaha said.
Neighbors say they love driving home from midnight mass just to see this sight along the streets.
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