Catholic church fires woman over her same-sex marriage

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Colleen Simon worked at her dream job feeding and helping hungry families at a Kansas City Catholic church. However, this week she was forced to resign because of her marriage to another woman.

Colleen and her wife, Reverend Donna Simon, were featured in an article of the ‘816’ magazine. It detailed their work along Troost to help families in need. The article mentioned the couple’s marriage, which raised the attention of the Diocese and Colleen lost her job.

“It's just been a sad time. It was work that was so meaningful and so important. I'm sad for her and I'm sad for the parish to lose somebody as good as she is,” Donna said.

The two married in Iowa in 2012. Donna is a Reverend at St. Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran Church in Kansas City.

Despite the firing, the couple hasn’t lost faith in the Catholic Church.

“This isn't about the entire Catholic Church. This is about individual actions and the Pope is saying something very different so my hope is in the Pope,” Donna said.

The loss left Colleen devastated. In a statement she said:

“I am hurt and saddened by the events of the last two weeks. I have been dismissed from a job that I love, a job that I was called to by God. I love the people of St. Francis Xavier. They are compassionate faithful souls serving those most in need in the community and the world. I will always appreciate the time that I spent working among them. As we all go forward, I will continue to pray for a day when all are loved and embraced by our churches.”

This won’t stop Colleen and Donna from helping others.

“Colleen looks for a job and we continue to do what we've been doing. Hopefully she’ll find another job where she'll be able to help people because it's what she's so good at, she has such compassion,” Donna said.

In an email to the parish council, the pastor said he couldn’t go into details because it was a personnel matter but he will address it during the weekend masses.

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