City begins cleanup process at 63rd and Prospect

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A cleanup effort will start Tuesday at 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue in Kansas City, Mo. The city is hoping to redevelop the area after the failed Citadel Plaza development left contamination on the site.

Tests show the area between Park and Prospect avenues and between 61st and 63rd streets contains asbestos, although it is less contaminated than the city originally thought. Cleanup of the trace amounts of asbestos could take around four months to complete.

Workers will clean between 80 and 140 vacant lots on the site. If they find asbestos in the concrete or soil, they will have to dispose of it in a special landfill.

Back in the early 2000s, Citadel Plaza was envisioned as a multi-million dollar shopping center with restaurants, a grocery store and a housing development on the site. However, the developer allegedly failed to monitor asbestos levels before some homes were torn down in 2006, and the project collapsed in lieu of environmental and financial conflicts.

The city estimates the cleanup could cost near a half million dollars, most of which will be funded by EPA grants.

The city sent information via mail to adjacent property owners explaining they'll be careful to suppress any dust from the cleanup and will continue to monitor air quality levels to eliminate any public health concerns.

The city is currently working with a nation-wide marketing firm to advertise the property to both local and national retailers and businesses.

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