City leaders discuss violence at KC Zoo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For the first time, city leaders met to discuss safety at the Kansas City Zoo after gunfire broke out in a nearby parking lot Tuesday.

They met in a closed meeting, but we’re told no decisions were made.  It's just the first discussion to talk about keeping the zoo experience safe from any violence during free days.

During Thursday afternoon's business session, Councilman Michael Brooks briefly mentioned Tuesday's disturbance. The KCMO Parks Director joined in to talk about what went wrong during Tuesday’s incident.

We checked with police Thursday who said they are still looking for the shooter.

Parks Director Mark McHenry checked and the zoo attendance was already at 17,000 just two days after the incident; he believes it's a good sign people aren't afraid.

"One of the promises and commitments was to provide these for free days to those residents because those are the counties that supported it and we want to uphold that promise," McHenry said.

"The next day is in June and we're going to be making sure that citizens are safe when they come to the zoo," Kansas City Councilman Jermaine Reed said.

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