City officials monitoring as church stabilizes collapsed building

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An official says the city is monitoring as the church and its insurance company stabilizes the building that collapsed on Thursday.

KCMO Dangerous Building manager Dalena Taylor said the general contractors and engineers are working to stabilize the building. 

"Right now, they're working on stabilizing the north wall of the building. That is the important thing right now," Taylor said.

Engineers and the insurance company are conducting their evaluation and took samples from the building to test for asbestos. They tested a dozen samples from the building, and none of them were positive. 

Next week a structural engineer will inspect the building to help determine whether the church can be repaired or demolished. 

However, members of the church won't personally be able to go in and try to save some items from the church. 

"We'll be taking everything out of the building for them and removing it and doing a cleaning of all their contents, and we'll bring it to wherever their new facility is," Christopher Perez, the General Manager with CATCO, said. 

Taylor said the city believes heavy rain played a role in the building's collapse. 

"Just the extreme rain caused extreme moisture to the mortar is just what caused the collapse," Taylor said. 

The pastor said the church's Sunday service will be at the former Presbyterian Church at 4000 Victory Drive in KCK. It will begin at 1:30 p.m. 

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