'Club KC' kicks off summer curfew in hopes of drawing teens away from entertainment districts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Friday night begins the summer curfew for Kansas City’s five entertainment districts. From now until the end of September, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult after 9 p.m.

On Friday night, as part of "Mayor's Night," an event called Club KC was held at the Brush Creek Community Center to give teens an opportunity to hang out with their friends, dance and stay off the streets.

Club KC is free and open to anyone between 11 and 18 years old. Teens just need a card to enter.

The hope is teens will choose an organized party over the Plaza.

"The whole city is responsible for the kids. It could be the guy who cures cancer or a girl who cures cancer. We just need to give them the soil in which to grow," Mayor Sly James said.

Police say they have been three arrests for violations like disorderly conduct and hindering traffic on the Plaza. In another incident in 2013, police used pepper spray to break up the crowds but no arrests were made that night.

Those incidents are what led the city to create an earlier curfew for popular areas like the Plaza, Westport, downtown/central business district, 18th and Vine and Zona Rosa.

"When we do the curfew type thing, basically what we're telling kids is you can't go there at these times but the other part of that is, but you can go here at all of these times," Mayor James said.

Club KC is one of the many activities available and organized by local teens.

"We wait on this all year," La'Quisha Graham said.

The mayor says the program has delivered results-- decreasing juvenile crime during the summer months-- but he's hoping other numbers will increase.

"I think the first year we had a little less than 10,000 kids. Last year we had 12,500 and I think as word gets out, we can continue to expand," Mayor James said.

For more information, visit the Mayor's Night website here.

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