Community members attend final open house for 40 Highway corridor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City is one step closer to finding out what will happen to the area around 31st and Prospect.

Monday night, community members shared their ideas during a final open house.

The project will focus on redevelopment for three key intersections along the 40 Highway corridor -- including Prospect Avenue, Noland Road and Adams Dairy Parkway.

"We talked about how 31st Street could just have a center turn lane and one east direction. This could just use some paint and take a couple years, and not cost too much money. Something like putting an express bus down Linwood all the way down east, towards the eastern suburbs, this could take a lot more years -- maybe five or ten," said project manager Britt Palmberg.

Those who were unable to attend the final open house can still add comments to an online discussion.

Head to to join in on the conversation.

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