Community unites through social media to find dog a home after fire

Dog needs new family after fire destroys home

KANSAS CITY - A group of neighbors are joining forces to help a man find his dog a new home after he lost his home from a fire. 

"It was crazy," said Vicki Somodi , who lives two houses down from the home, "how many flames and the smoke was unbelievable, it was so much smoke."  It took nearly a dozen firefighters to put out the fire.  

Everybody got out of the home safety, but once the smoke settled and daylight set in, Somodi knew someone had been left behind.

So she returned to the house the next day with her sister to find her neighbor's Australian Shepherd, Ace, still sitting inside his dog house in the backyard.  Rex's owner asked Somodi to help him find the dog a place to stay, now that he'd have no home to return to.

Somodi took Rex with her, but he didn't stay for long.

"We came back and he was out of the garage and I was just worried and I thought, ‘where'd he go?'", she said.

Somodi found Ace on her computer screen.

She saw his picture posted on Facebook, by Shay Estes, a friend of a friend.

"Through like this weird game of social media operator," said Estes. "We managed to figure out that he was, in fact, the dog, he had gotten out of this garage at his neighbor's house."

Estes has taken in rescue dogs before, so she didn't think twice in providing the dog a temporary home.

"I think that's like social media at its best," she said.

Ace now goes by Rex.  Estes changed his name after trying several times to get his attention using Ace, but it never seemed to work.  Now, with a bit of affection, and plenty of belly rubs, Rex is quickly coming out of his shell.

"The way that he is with people when we first got him," said Estes. "He's completely opposite of that with other dogs, he just wants to play with everyone."

Estes hopes the tender love and care will get Rex ready to find a permanent place to run around in with a family of his own. 

"Because everybody needs a chance," said Estes.

Estes thinks it will take a few more weeks before Rex is ready to adapt to a new home.  However, anyone interested in helping Rex can email Estes at .

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