Concerns about dirty public pool prompts action from Kansas City officials and pool management

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Concerns about a dirty public pool prompted action from Kansas City officials and the Midwest Pool Management Wednesday.

Parents and visitors at Gillham Park Pool contacted 41 Action News about a concrete area next to the three foot pool that contained yellowish brown water and trash.

Parents were concerned for their kids who jump over the water and play near it.

“Stagnant waters tends to bring mosquitos and all kinds of stuff that can potentially cause your children to get sick,” parent Amber May said.

“It looks like it’s just not sanitary,” parent Lutricia Gray said. “I think that should be cleaned out because, you know, kids get away from the parents and they can get loose off in that.”

Sandra Brittingham brought her grandkids to the pool over the weekend and took pictures of the pool looking just like it did Wednesday.

“It makes me wonder why the city doesn’t pay more attention to the aesthetics of the pool, the safety of the pool,” Brittingham said.

41 Action News made phone calls to Doug Schroeder from the Parks Department in Kansas City and Eden Dowler, the Vice President of Kansas City operations for Midwest Pool Management.

Dowler and Schroeder said they were unaware of the problem and had not received complaints about the water.

Dowler asked the management team on site to begin cleaning the area Wednesday.

City officials are expected to be on site Thursday to review safety and maintenance at Gillham Park Pool. 

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