Cook family waits for autopsy results of two bodies found in De Soto

DE SOTO, Kan. - There is no connection to a second body found Wednesday morning, according to Johnson County Sheriff Tom Erickson.

So far, no one was has been identified but investigators continue to search for new clues.

When a body turned up in De Soto. it left Brad Cook's friends and families with questions, but the discovery of a second body delayed the autopsy report on the first. Cook has been missing since last week. His motorcycle was found outside a local auto shop, giving detectives the only clue in the case.

Cody Lane and Cook were best friends since 6th grade. He helped in the search. 

"We're hoping he just left and something may have been on his mind and he was just going through whatever and that he left and it will become clear later and he'll come back," Lane said.

He started to search at the place where Cook's motorcycle was found; riding was a favorite past time of theirs.

"That's basically the only person I normally ride with is him, going out wherever sometimes just hey let's go ride and we'll go ride around until we can't ride anymore," Lane said.

The family's attorney said they have hope but they want answers.

"Everyone has told us hope for the best, prepare for the worst but we're not giving up hope and I think it's touching that all these people out here haven't given up hope," Brad's father Jeff Cook said.

The sheriff's department also looked at surveillance video again, looking for clues from the night his motorcycle showed up.

Whether the body is Cook's or not, the family wants to know so they can continue their search or feel closure.

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