The cost of going to St. Louis for NCAA tourney

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The convenience of the first rounds of the NCAA tournament in St. Louis for Kansas-area fans will likely have people planning road trips.

St. Louis is the closest to Kansas City out of the eight cities hosting the early rounds of the tournament, but getting there may be the easiest part.

All three Kansas teams that made the tournament will play first in St. Louis: Wichita State, Kansas, and K-State.

A round-trip drive from Kansas City to St. Louis is only about 500 miles. That'll cost a driver about $100 for gas.

But that doesn't mean everyone can take the time to go.

“No, no. We have two little guys in school so we have to stay home for that,” KU fan Rand Tate said.

If you decide to fly, a round-trip ticket leaving Thursday and returning Sunday will cost you more than $900.

A hotel room close to the arena starts at about $150 per night.

Then add in the tickets to watch the games, you're looking at about $300 a ticket.

It’s a big price to pay, but for some big action.

“It will be tough. I think all the brackets are pretty much even this year. Number ones were hard to sort out. It's going to be tough for everybody,” said Tate.

If you wanted to take a gamble and go all in for the championship game in Dallas, a four-day package starts at about $2,200.

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