Could the young girl found in Greece be Baby Lisa?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Could the young girl found in Greece be Baby Lisa? That's what some are saying in Europe after a little girl was found last week, presumed to have been abducted.

According to the Daily Mail, Lisa Irwin's parents have contacted authorities in Greece about the child that was found.

The couple the young girl named Maria was found with is accused of kidnapping her, but they said they adopted her illegally from a woman in Bulgaria. She is thought to be about four or five years old.

Baby Lisa disappeared two years ago and would be three next month.

According to the article, the Irwin's attorney John Picerno said they were one of the four American families contacted about the young girl. He said the family looks into any lead with a child found matching Lisa's age profile.

In a response from Picerno to 41 Action News received on Tuesday morning, he said they are awaiting a response from Greek authorities.

All I can tell you at this time is that I spoke with the FBI yesterday. The agent has made an official inquiry through governmental channels with the authorities in Greece," Picerno said.

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