Crossroads getting closer to establishing Community Improvement District at a cost to owners

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Crossroads area in Kansas City is getting closer to establishing a Community Improvement District. Instead of paying for it with a sales tax, the burden would be on property owners.

The area is one of the last in the city without a CID. If passed, it would cover certain costs of street maintenance and security the city doesn't provide.

Michael Sharma-Crawford brought his immigration defense firm to the Crossroads for the location near court, but he is now even more invested in the area.

"Any cost to a small business owner has to be weighed and balanced, but part of being down here is buying into this community," Sharma-Crawford said.

He invested into security cameras since the Crossroads doesn't have a dedicated security. His security investment paid off recently when he caught one of his vehicles being vandalized on camera.

Crossroads Community Association President Suzie Aron has been fighting for the CID for five years.

"We would like to have a clean and safe campaign and we see ourselves as the only neighborhood without one," Aron said.

According to Aron the Crossroads CID would cost property owners $950 annually if their building is more than 10,000 square feet and $550 for property under 10,000 square feet. Even if a CID is established, Sharma-Crawford understands he'll still have to rely on his cameras --except during big crowd events.

"Rather than a permanent security force like other CIDs have put in place or a neighborhood greeting force some neighborhoods have put in place, we would rather use security on an as-needed basis."

Aron believes the CID could be approved sometime this summer.

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