Parents may boycott Crown Center after fountain closure

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A popular place to play is now off-limits.

Crown Center discovered a bacteria danger and closed their famous fountains to the public. While some parents are so angry they've threatened to stop spending money in the area, others say they understand the new policy.

"I have to agree with Crown Center, I think, considering the liability issues," said Evan Parris. "When it comes to people slipping and falling you don't want kids to come out here and get injured."
But others are so angry, they've threatened to boycott the area.
"I think it's a possibility that they might lose some business especially for people to come down here picnic and enjoy hanging out here," said Vicki Bell.
Parris acknowledged that's a risk Crown Center will have to take.
"That's going to be a loss that they're going to have to adjust to if it does cost the many business," he said.

But Crown Center spokesman Chris Ronan stressed the policy change came down to public safety.

"When you look at the safety issues that we have, at the end of the day, for us we don't want to see anybody get sick. We don't want to see anybody fall down and get hurt."

The irony is that Crown Center recently opened Sea Life Aquarium and Legoland to bring in more kids and families. But Ronan said too many people are now getting in the fountain.
"There are so many people here on a busy day. And there are big people and little people and they're all together and they're running and they're trying to avoid each other," Ronan said.
Although the water is chlorinated and tested, Ronan explained that the water re-circulates. If it's contaminated, it can make people sick. He also pointed out there are no public restrooms nearby.
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