Cyber experts: Parents must monitor kids

PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. - When a teacher or trusted person in the community is accused of using the internet to prey on a child, parents start to wonder how best to protect a child on the computer or mobile phone.

Platte County cyber crimes detectives said parents must monitor all devices.

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New internet tools allow parents to block inappropriate websites and even get inside every device a child uses. Detectives warn texting or camera use often ramps up after parents believe their child is asleep in bed.
Cyber experts suggest using your router to shut Wi-Fi and cellular service down completely.

"Some of these programs can make screen captures of whatever is going on on the monitor, it can log every keystroke, will log every website visited, every email," Detective Jeremiah Filion with the Platte County Cyber Crimes unit explained.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp has been giving away disks that can be installed in computers and will text a parent if the child crosses the line.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports the average American family uses five Internet-enabled devices at home, including smartphones, while barely one in five parents uses parental controls on those devices.
Some parents ask does surveillance undermine trust? The experts said trust but verify -- trust, in this case, should be earned.       

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