Deadline approaching for Obamacare open enrollment challenge

Kansas City could win a visit from President Obama

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told 41 Action News 2.8 million Americans have signed up on for insurance during this third open enrollment period since the start of the Affordable Care Act.

"There's an opportunity for about three out of four people who go to the website will be able to find a high quality plan that cost less than $75 a month. That's a pretty good deal and we encourage people to go check it out," said Earnest.

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Earnest today taking the opportunity to call for Kansas and Missouri lawmakers to expand Medicaid coverage for thousands in both states who don't qualify for Medicaid or Affordable Care Act subsidies.

"This is actually something that ends up being good for state budgets not bad, because the government pays for nearly the entire bill. So there's no good reason for state legislators to be denying this kind of healthcare to people so it's time to act to give people that opportunity," said Earnest.

Kansas City is one of 20 cities across the country that the White House has selected for the Healthy Communities Challenge. 

The city that signs the most uninsured up by the December 15, 2015 deadline will receive a visit from President Obama.

"What we have done we've actually taken a close look at those metropolitan areas that have a substantial number of people who are eligible to sign up for health insurance through the affordable care act. In the Kansas City area alone there are about 112,000 people who are eligible to sign up for health insurance," said Earnest.


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