DeLaSalle students get new opportunities in newly-remodeled building

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - DeLaSalle Charter High School let the community see their new $8 million expansion this week. Now meet the kids learning in the new halls.

The daycare is bigger and brighter and the reason Susan Glasgow says she will finish school. "I'll graduate no matter what," she said. "I've been through too much. I am not about to quit now." The senior gets to see her young daughter during lunch.

The Student Press, a fully functioning printing press company staffed by students, also got to move out of the basement and into a bigger shop. "It is going to enable our customers to come in and feel that this is a professional operation that we have here," teacher Pat Lantz said. 

From simple customer service to the workings of a business, student Donnesha Carter says she has learned so much. "I get to experience more things instead of just sitting in class and writing."

The school that has sat along Troost in the Squier Park neighborhood for four decades has been using the expanded space since October. The expansion was mostly paid for through private donations and allowed for 100 more students and ten new faculty members.

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