Despite weather conditions, shoppers out in full force

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Shoppers didn't let the cold, wet conditions play the role of Scrooge in their hunt for last-minute deals.

Snow, snow, and more snow – drivers couldn't help but deal with it as they navigated their neighborhoods to get to Zona Rosa Shopping Center in the Northland.

Josh and Lauren Welsh are just two of the many shoppers who braved the piles of snow to help find the perfect gift. They were out shopping for a gift for their mother.

Street crews worked all night to clean roadways and sidewalks at the outdoor shopping center after several inches of snow fell in the area. Their goal was to make things safe and enjoyable for last-minute Christmas shopping.

"We're a 24/7 environment, so we're working all the time to make sure that we are staying ahead of the storms," said General Manager Rosemary Salerno.

A 24/7 operation in which the employees are determined to make your shopping experience a good one.  

This is, of course, the most wonderful time of the year!

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