Digging out from the snow makes area boys think of the green grass of summer

Snow shovel to baseball bats, boys dream of summer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Digging out from the recent snow storm is a daunting task. An area youth baseball team gave up sledding for shovels, trying to make some money for new equipment and help neighbors dig out of their homes.

Six players from the Governor Stumpy's Patriots team spent most of the day moving -- and eating -- snow from the driveways of their neighbors.

"We just decided to come out here and get the best out of our time," said Koby Murphy, second baseman for the Patriots.

It's a different kind of Spring Training. The team would like to raise money but they aren't asking for any.

"We want to be nice to the community," Shortstop Vinnie Kuzava said. "Give back and shovel, and try to raise some money."

The snow was deep and the driveway long but the team worked together and quickly. 

"It's pretty challenging but then it's fun to shovel for some people," Kuzava said. 

The team didn't think twice about helping dig out. While others where zipping down hills on sleds, these boys are scooping and throwing snow. But they know there will be time to sled.

"There'll be other days. There'll still be snow," Murphy said. "It's not like it's going to melt."

The back-breaking work did not deter the kids from finishing drive after drive. 

"No, not easy but it's worth it," Murphy said. "We'll be happy about our choice when it comes to baseball season."

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