Dozens of KC families leave on college bus tour

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dozens of Kansas City families left for a life-changing trip with their high schoolers on Sunday, as part of a week-long college bus tour.

Sixty students and their families left on the college bus tour through the YMCA and Young Achievers.

They will stop in cities including New York and Washington D.C. There they will get the chance to tour the White House and Capitol along with eight schools total. The students will apply at all eight schools with fees waived.

 The tour gives families a chance they might otherwise not be able to afford to see. 

Autumn Green and her parents are excited for her to explore a career in film and animation on the tour. "It will just be interesting learning about other people and how their life goes and everything," Autumn said.

Her father and mother are both going on the trip with her. "I'm looking forward to her experiencing something new and different," said her father, Verdis Green. "See some cities that she has not been to before."

On last year's tour, students earned more than $725,000 in scholarships.


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