Dozens of calls made to TIPS hotline help police search for serial highway shooter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The TIPS hotline has received dozens of calls this week from people sharing information on the serial highway shooter.

Kansas City Police officers are investigating 20 cases when someone open fired at innocent drivers. Police won't say how many are connected.

On Tuesday, the FBI and ATF donated $5,000 to the reward fund, taking the total to $7,000. Crime Stoppers Hotline Coordinator Det. Kevin Boehm said since then, there has been an increase to calls. 

Boehm said the call center is manned during normal business hours, and after hours calls are forwarded to a third party agency, so no matter what time the phone rings, someone is there to answer.

Most of the call takers in Kansas City are former cops, Boehm said. They know exactly what to ask tipsters.

"We will take their information as they tell it to us, put it in the form of a report, issue them a code number and then we send that directly to the detective investigating the case," Boehm said. "We don't make any determinations as to the credibility of their information."

Anyone with information on the random shootings is asked to call 816-474-TIPS.

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