Early voters sacrifice to cast ballots

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On election eve, a line of early voters snaked around the Johnson County Election Office. They waited for more than half an hour on average to cast their ballot. Getting it done early was worth it, especially for first-time voter Jeffi Holman.

"It is such a freedom to be able to vote and it is a very big privilege so I'm so excited to do it," she said.

"I'm 79 years old," said Joe Brocato. "Been voting since I was 21 so I don't want to quit now, do I?" he laughed.

He wasn't standing in line at the election office. Joe can't. He pushed his walker to a coach inside his assisted living facility where his wife and a team from the board of elections were waiting.

"This is a very important election to both of us," said Joe's wife Frances.

When Joe suddenly had to report to rehab and wouldn't be able to go to the polls, Frances tried to get mail-in ballots for both of them. They fell through the cracks, but she didn't give up.

"Oh, she was insistent," laughed Joe. "She must have called a dozen times a day."

That's why Joe and Frances were included in a stack of voters who needed ballots delivered. One republican and one democrat team up to deliver the ballots to make sure the election and votes are sound.

Joe is thrilled he got the chance to continue his civic duty.

"I'm so happy to be American and be able to vote when I'm in the situationw here I cannot go to a polling area to vote on my own," smiled Joe.

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