Eastgate Middle School student, mother relieved no one was hurt

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Students and faculty at Eastgate Middle School in North Kansas City have quite the story to tell after a suspect was arrested on school Monday.

Kaleb Searcy, 13, was in his social studies class just before 11 a.m. when students noticed a man on the roof of the school on the other side of the campus

"It was weird because he was only wearing a pair of shorts he didn't have a shirt on and he was not wearing shoes. We saw him on the roof near the air conditioning unit doing something," Kaleb said. "Then, a few minutes later the school was on lockdown and then we were told a few minutes after that to find our safe place in the classroom.”

The seventh grader crouched down near a wall away from the windows.

The suspect was arrested and after a few more minutes in lockdown, students were transported to Winnetonka High School where parents came to pick them up.

Kaleb's mother Judy said she was panicked when she heard news reports that Kaleb's school was on lockdown.

"For the first thing you think about is all of the mass shootings at schools and students who didn't make it out alive," she said. "I am just glad that Kayla of and the others are fine.”

Judy said it was frustrating because she was not getting text message updates from the North Kansas City School District. 

Searcy is going to make sure the school district has her updated information in case there is a similar situation in the future. 

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