Economic damage done, even with shutdown agreement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The government shutdown and debt limit showdown has caused severe damage to the economy and the U.S. could be in the same mess after the holidays.

Casey Simmons is the co-owner of Stuff, a small business in Brookside. She said she's remaining calm despite the economy's uncertainty.

"They don't want any more quick answers or quick solves put a band aid on it, they want to see good decisions being made and that's what they're talking about at our counter," Simmons said.

With the looming debt ceiling being the talk of the town, Simmons has decided to keep business as usual.

"We're not making radical changes and overreacting and that's what they want to see, I think that brings them comfort and I think that is what we have always done," she said.

But economists like Bill Black said the damage has been done.

"They've already done significant harm and indeed to the world," Black said.

Since the government shutdown, Black said the U.S. has lost at least 100,000 jobs-- that's billions lost in our economy.

Black said the worst could be to come.

"Consumer confidence has been shaken and this isn't just a time of year for merchants, this is the time of year which often defines, especially with small merchants, whether they'll survive," Black said.

With the current deal, we could be back in the same situation all over again. The government shutdown and debt ceiling limit will be pushed back until January or February of next year.

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