Emergency responders team up to save lives

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Emergency responders throughout the region trained on Saturday to learn how to respond to the unexpected as team.

The Kansas City Fire Department hosted the exercises at its training facility.  The overall goal of the training is to increase familiarity of operations, procedures and equipment amongst the region's specialty teams . Teams operated in a multi-discipline, multi-jurisdictional training environment .

More than 20 emergency responders participated in the training.

Active shooter training scenarios were a huge part of their exercises.

"Those incidents are real life. Those things are what's going on now," said James Garrett of the Kansas City Fire Department.

Member of the Kansas City, Kansas, police department suited up to look for weapons of mass destruction.

The same officers went through their department's active shooter training just a few weeks ago.

The fire department implemented this regional training to help all departments develop a cohesive emergency plan with the goal of saving lives. The training continues on Sunday.

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