Family alleges police brutality after search for daughter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - What started as a search for a missing 12-year-old Kansas City girl ended with fighting in the streets between her family and police.

The 12-year-old was found in the 2400 block of Brighton, safe and in good health.

Police say she disappeared around 9 p.m. near 23rd and Quincy, in Kansas City, Mo. She was found at a friend’s apartment a few hours later.

When family member raced to the scene, just down the street from their home, chaos ensued.

Alberto Hidalgo was arrested by police for resisting arrest and he says officers broke his mothers' arm after pushing her to the ground.

She too was cited by police.

"They grabbed her from the arm and dragged her up the steps. You could see the bone popping out," Hidalgo said.

Police refused an on camera interview about the confrontation. But released this statement:

Family located the child at an apt complex and caused a large disturbance.

When officers attempted to calm the situation several family members became disorderly and refused to obey the officers orders to disperse. A female (injured arm) was arrested for assaulting an officer and a couple others were arrested for disorderly contact. This after the child admitted to running away.

An interpretation that differs from the family's version.   Family friend Cynthia Najera recorded part of the confrontation on her cell phone.

"Grabbing a 50 year-old woman that's hurting because her kid is missing and throwing her on the floor and five cops arresting her son that's just on acceptable," said Cynthia Najera.


The family says four family members were either arrested or cited for disorderly conduct. They plan to pursue legal action.


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