Family hangs ribbons to remember firefighter, finds KCPD taking them down

KANSAS CITY - A Kansas City family hung ribbons to remember a firefighter, but they caught Kansas City police officers cutting down the ribbons.

Friends, family and fellow firefighters put up the red ribbons with Anthony Bruno's name to remember what would have been his 27th birthday.

The former KCFD firefighter's family said they also posted the ribbons to remind the community they believe Bruno died because of excessive force by police last year .

They believe it's why they found police cutting down their red ribbons late Sunday night.

Bruno's uncle, Nino, holding a video camera, asked an officer cutting through a ribbon, "Can I ask why you're tearing these down?"

He continued to follow the officer and said, "You're on duty cutting them down? Do you know the guy you're doing this to?"

The officer did not answer.

It has been nine months since his nephew was killed as an off-duty officer tried to arrest him.

The officer said he shot Bruno in self-defense, and a grand jury has agreed.

But the Bruno family believes Anthony was fighting for his life too last year.

They said the community should know excessive force occurs beyond Ferguson, Mo., too.

"Since this has happened to our family, not just myself, but my entire family and close friends and brother sister firefighters. I watch all police abuse and take it personally. I watch everything that happens and there's a right way and a wrong way to do it and I believe that excessive force is totally not needed,” Nino Bruno said.

But the police union said someone on Sunday night also tied the red ribbons in the same neighborhood where the officer lives.

They called that unforgivable.

The Bruno's have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the off duty KCPD officer and the Marriott hotel where he worked.

The city's Public Works Department said police can take down unauthorized items on city property at any time.

However, the Bruno family said they noticed orange ribbons put up in honor of unarmed Ferguson teenager Michael Brown, on Cleaver II Boulevard that have not been touched or taken down.

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