Family scrambles to find new doctor after new healthcare provider makes website error

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City family is scrambling to find a new doctor and hospital after their new plan doesn't cover their longtime doctor.

Earlier this year, Eric and Tamara Beckemeier had to find a new health care provider. Eric is self-employed, so he went on the Marketplace Exchange to find the right plan for his family. The most important factor was finding a health provider and plan that included their longtime doctor. In March, Eric picked Coventry and the PPO Exchange Plan which said the family doctor was "in network."

"I searched for the doctors we commonly go to including my wife's OBGYN and St. Luke's Hospital where our first daughter was delivered. They all showed being in network," Eric said.

On Monday, they received a call from Coventry saying their doctor and hospital were actually not "in network."

"I'm frustrated that I'm only finding this out when my wife is now 12 weeks pregnant," he said.

"It's also very emotional when you are almost three months pregnant and you have this relationship with your doctor and then all of a sudden it's diminished. It's really hard to stomach," Tamara said.

Tamara's next doctor's appointment was scheduled for next week. She is now trying find a new doctor at the last minute. The earliest appointment she can get now is in early June. It might not seem like too long to wait, but she had complications with her first child so she wants to make sure she doesn't miss any appointment.

"Had we known this some time ago we could have started out and been looking for another doctor," Eric said.

A St. Luke's spokesperson told 41 Action News it was Coventry that mistakenly identified the PPO Exchange as "in network" when it's not. We reached out to Coventry and were told a representative would be contacting us with an answer by Wednesday.

"It showed up on the website and so I felt like I could rely on Coventry's website and St. Luke's website for that matter. Coventry PPO. I didn't think the Exchange would make a difference," Eric said.

The family learned they aren't the only ones who are stuck. They do plan to switch plans next year to get their doctor back. If you want to double check before you make that next appointment contact your health care provider.

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