Family of murder victims warns against possible donation scam

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Someone is allegedly trying to capitalize on the death of a mother and her 3-year-old daughter.

There have been several reports of people claiming to have ties to the family going door-to-door asking for donations. But the family says these people are not connected to the family at all.

The family is asking people not to donate to these solicitors but instead to the "Baby Denim White Fund" at any Arvest Bank. The money raised from the fund will go toward the one-year-old found at the scene.

Kevin Turner is the uncle and grand uncle of the victims. He says the people collecting money are taking advantage of his family's loss and are as bad as the person responsible for the crime.

Kansas City Arvest Bank Locations::

8959 County Highway 8-S
Kansas City
(913) 261-2265
127 W 10 St #102
Kansas City
(913) 279-3300
5600 N Broadway Ave Gladstone
(931) 261-2265


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