Family speaks about unceremonious murders, bodies placed in cemetery

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Tuesday night, friends and family gathered at the cemetery where the bodies of two men were found last week.

More than 75 people gathered at the Memorial Park Cemetery near Espalanade Street in Kansas City, Kan. It’s the cemetery where police found the bodies of 25-year-old Lydell Irvin, Jr. and 22-year-old Naythan Walton.

They weren’t buried there but possibly placed there after someone killed the two.

An altercation broke out across the street while family members prayed for the loved ones. Some suspected a person attending knew more about the two murders.

The bodies were discovered around 6:30 a.m. the previous Thursday.

Police haven’t revealed if the shooting happened in the cemetery, however there weren’t any signs of a weapon used there.

Family members said it was done deliberately and someone went through a lot of effort to leave them there.

"It could have been right down the street, I don't know. But to take the effort to move him cause Lydell, my nephew was a big kid. It had to be more than one person to do it. He was about 6'5, 290 lbs so he was a big kid," Gary Grice, Irvin's uncle said.

Irvin was the father of twins. His friends and family hope someone will come forward with information about the two murders.

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