Car Santa has a holiday surprise for family whose van was stolen on Thanksgiving Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - He's not the real Santa Claus, but for those he helps, he's just as good as the jolly old man in red.

He goes by the name of Car Santa, and thanks to him, a local family whose only vehicle was stolen on Thanksgiving Day will no longer have to ask for a new van for Christmas.

We introduced you to the Vejrosta's and their little girl, Abby last week. They use the family van to get her to live-saving therapy appointments.

A lot of viewers reached out to the newsroom since the story first aired asking how they can help.

Family's van stolen on Thanksgiving Day |

Sunday, Kansas City Police found their van, but it was in such bad shape the family couldn't afford to fix it. The family junked it because they couldn't afford to fix or even pay the tow fee.

Monday night, Car Santa made Christmas come almost a month early with a donated van by another local family.

"Oh my gosh, thank you!" Teresa Vejrosta said .

"It's a tremendous blessing," George Vejrosta said .

"I was trying not to fall apart over it. You guys are amazing. I don't even know what to say," Teresa said.

The family is one of 300 who will receive a vehicle thanks to the generosity of others all year round.

"You can't enjoy giving people something more than this time of year at Christmas. I never get tired of it," said Car Santa.

Children's Mercy also reached out to the family after our originall story and is donating a special needs car seat for Abby.

If you would like to donate to help Car Santa deliver a vehicle to needy families or if you know of a needy family who could benefit you can apply online by clicking here . On Friday, Dec. 21, Car Santa will deliver 20 vehicles to local families in need in Kansas City.
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