Fast food workers ask for higher wages and better treatment

Workers say wage fight is a moral one too

KANSAS CITY - Fast food workers around Kansas City joined others around the nation to protest and celebrate a federal agency’s decision to hold McDonald’s as liable for employees as the franchises they work for.

A group of nearly 50 fast food workers from the metro marched to the McDonald’s and Wendy’s near Troost Avenue on Friday.

They held signs reading, “You Can’t Hide,” referring to the decision holding McDonald’s Corporation responsible for employee’s actions.

Richard Eiker has worked at McDonald’s for 25 years. He makes $11.05 an hour and said he barely gets by.

“I’m worried about whether or not I can keep car payments or not, you know, sometime I may have $40 or $50 over to get me through two weeks,” he said. 

He joined thousands of fast food workers around the nation who are asking for their wage to be raised to $15 an hour.

That’s more than twice what Mikela Houston earns at Taco Bell.

“I have a son, and I have lots of bills to pay or at least,” she said, “I want to have lots of bills to pay and to me $7.50 is not going to cut it."

She brought her 10-month-old son Jah with her in her march.

“So my son knows that you can fight for more. You don’t have to just take what they give you,” she said.

The protest was more than an economic fight; protesters said it's a moral one too. 

“Workers deserve dignity,” said one of the speakers at the protest.  

Friday’s chants grew a little louder now that workers feel they actually have a chance to win.

“I won’t have to scrape by,” Eiker said, “just barely scraping by, you know, wondering what bills I can pay and what bills I can't pay."

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