Father's Day gift spoiled by toilet troubles at Schlitterbahn

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - It was a Father’s Day gift gone wrong.

A Liberty woman tried to treat her dad to a day at the water park but was greeted by a surprise closure Saturday. Sunshine, slides and Schlitterbahn—it seemed perfect for Kaitlin DeJong’s dad.

“We thought it would be a good Father's Day present for him so we go, we get in line to get our tickets,” explained DeJong.

Once inside though, she quickly realized a problem.

“We get all the way into the park and my dad has to use the restroom," she said.

The bathroom was closed.

“It ended up being closed for four hours, the septic truck had to come in and clear it,” said DeJong.

A pump failed and the park closed all the bathrooms inside the park. However, the restroom near the entrance did work.

“People are going to have to use the bathroom, that's just common sense in my mind. If I was to be running the place, say, ‘Hey, we're probably not going to open today,' or open later in the day after you solve the problem would have been a smarter thing to do,” DeJong said.

A spokesperson for Schlitterbahn responded saying they take these situations very seriously. They work to prevent these problems pre-season but sometimes that's not enough. Crews did fix the problem by 4 p.m., Saturday, according to the park statement, and that the park always had one working bathroom.

Schlitterbahn apologized for the inconvenience. They offered Kaitlin a refund in hopes that she returns for a better experience.

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