Feral cats becoming a growing problem in Jackson County

We're entering what local shelter officials call 'puppy and kitty season' and unfortunately, many of them will wind up in shelters.

That's why the Great Plains SPCA in Independence launched Operation Furballs on Sunday.

They hope the reduced-price spay and neuter cat clinic will help curb the free-roaming cat population they say is becoming a growing problem in eastern Jackson County. Courtney Thomas, CEO of Great Plains SPCA said about half of the 2,000 cats they took in last year were four months old or younger.

But with 60 surgeries performed on Sunday, even just this clinic helped prevent hundreds of cats from living unwanted and on the streets.

"On average, a litter of kittens is about 5 to 6," Thomas said. "So think about the number of surgeries that we did today; the majority of them being female cats, and what we've done just in a few short hours to help ensure that this community is a better place for cats."

People can bring in feral cats for operation for just $10. Owners are also welcome to bring their cats in for different pricing.

For more information on Operation Furballs, head to the Great Plains SPCA website.

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