Few still unable to enroll in health insurance due to glitches in website

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Despite President Obama's promises to make the government health care marketplace better, the problems with those online exchanges continue.

Canopy insurance broker Melissa Findley said she has had no success logging on to the government marketplace.

She has attempted to sign up on the exchange for the nearly three weeks it has been online.

Findley said she is still not been able to complete an insurance application for any of her clients in that time.

She said she is telling her clients to be patient and wait.  "They want to know how much it's going to cost them," Findey says. But can only give one answer, "We don't know yet. We're still trying."
If customers qualify for a government subsidy and buy individual insurance plans, agents said those customers will likely use the government exchange.

If customers make too much money to qualify for financial assistance on the exchange, those customers will use an insurance agent to buy coverage as usual.

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