Fire hydrant outside burning home in disrepair

PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. - A southern Platte County family is questioning why firefighters just stood by and watched as their home burned to the ground.

The chimney is all that's left of Michael and Tracy Simons' home.

The Simons came out Monday to try and find anything they could salvage. Most of all that's left is ash because firefighters didn't put water over it until after the house came down.

"To know that that's all your house, all your stuff and to walk up here and the only thing left standing is the chimney. It was like I left the house four hours ago and it was home. Now we're left with a little pile of rubble," Tracy said.

The family wasn't home when the fire started so everyone including the cat is alright.

Michael's brother rushed over Sunday night when he found out about the fire.

"He called back and he said they're not doing anything, they're not putting out the fire they're just standing around. They've got the tanker truck but they don't want to put water on it, they're in defensive mode," Michael said.

The only hydrant in the southern Platte County neighborhood wasn't working. The fire department had to truck in water from down the road but it was too late to save the home.

The water department is in charge of the hydrants. A representative said a valve broke but it's unclear when that happened.

On Monday, crews removed the broken valve and said it should be fixed soon.

For Michael, that doesn't make a difference now.

"This is an eye opener for the community. The water district and the firefighters need to figure out a better system, there's no reason for it," he said.

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