Fireworks sales strong despite dry conditions, warnings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Zero tolerance.

It's a stern and serious fireworks warning from police this year, even for those smoke bombs and snakes.

The heat and excessively dry conditions have turned many backyards into a tinderbox vulnerable to even a tiny spark.

According to the National Weather Service, this April to June stretch is the driest in Kansas City since 1911.

It's why North Kansas City, Mo., canceled its fireworks show last weekend. Other communities are now under a burn ban, and the state of Missouri asked all residents to not light fireworks on Monday.

Surprisingly, that has not been a dud to sales.

For Jeffery and his big sister Lesley Cruz, the more fireworks they sell under their tent in Kansas City, Kan., the better the chances of their whole church youth group going to a summer Christian camp.

It is an experience that has changed Jeffery's life in the past.

"I misbehaved a lot. I didn't listen to my parents or anybody," Jeffery said.

"He used to get into a lot of trouble," Lesley agreed.

But they said he has changed for the better thanks in part to the camp - which was made possible through the fireworks sales.

Ten-year-old Thomson and 8-year-old Ivy Corvin drove home with about $300 worth of fireworks in their back of their family car.

Jeffrey said that this has been the best year for the fireworks stand in its nine years in business.

But the fired-up sales have some communities on alert.

Overland Park officials warn if you bring those fireworks to their neighborhoods you will get a $200 to $500 fine, no matter how small.

Officer Michelle Koos with the Overland Park Police Department said, "Basically if you light it, it's against the law."

She said they expect more people to complain about neighbors breaking the law since the relentless wildfires in Colorado have heightened people's awareness.

Police suggest keeping fireworks to professionals.

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