Fireworks tents busy with last minute shoppers on Fourth of July

RIVERSIDE, Mo. - Fireworks tents are packed Friday with last minute shoppers, and they have hundreds of fireworks to choose from to celebrate this Fourth of July.

“There are stands up and down the street so we assumed that on the 4th of July there'd be the best fireworks today,” Maddie Hise, a shopper, said.

Zeke Young, the owner of “Red X” Fireworks in Riverside, said children are mostly into the novelty fireworks like the pop-pops, smokes, and snakes.

Adults on the other hand are going for larger items, like the 500-gram fireworks.

Each year, these shelves are stocked with new fireworks; some television series are even releasing their own brands.

Young said the recent wet weather we've had has made it ideal to shoot fireworks versus the drought conditions last year.

People poured in to purchase fireworks at the last minute, but that might not be ideal.

“If you wait until the Fourth of July that item might not be available. This year particularly our supplier, China has shut down their factories for two weeks because of the heat. Our suppliers got shorted so there is some shortage of fireworks this year,” Young said.

Businesses are substituting other fireworks to make up for that shortage.

The American Pyrotechnics Association predicts this could be the biggest year for sales in a long time. Folks are expected to spend more than $675 million on fireworks this year.

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